Dear Customer, 

To make sure you find the right fitting ring for you, please use one of the following methods to find the perfect fit. First method is if you already know your ring size and second method can be used if you have a measuring tape available. If you are still in doubt after using either method, please feel free to contact us so we can help guide you through.

Chart overlooking Stone Copenhagen ring sizes:

Ring size (EU) Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
53 16,9 53,1
55 17,5 54,8
57 18,1 57,1
59 18,8 59,0

Do you already have a ring, that fits you?

Print this overview of ring sizes onto an A4 paper to figure out the ring size. 

Attention: Please make sure that the print is 100% scaled true to an A4 paper. 

If you do not have a ring that fits you, you can measure the circumference of your finger and find the right ring size for you.

This is how you do it: 

  1. Cut a narrow strip of paper - about 4 mm wide and 15 cm long. You can also use a piece of string that does not give way. 
  2. Twist the strip of paper 2 times around the finger you want the ring to fit.
  3. The strip of paper should be fitted around the finger, but not tight. 
  4. Make sure the strip of paper is a bit staggered and not completely on top of itself. 
  5. With a pen, make a mark that covers both ends of the strip.   
  6. Take off the strip of paper and measure the distance between 2 lines that are next to each other. 
  7. The distance, measured in mm, is your ring size. If the distance is 53 mm, your ring size will be 53.