Moon Ring - 18 karat


Iconic ring in 18 karat gold with a hammered and polished surface. The ring is decorated with moon-like craters and organic ornamentations holding 3 white diamonds.

This piece is rather significant and can easily gravitate the imagination to a moon impacted by zircon gemstone meteors. The moon has since the beginning of time been surrounded with mysticism and romance. Behold the moon ring.

The diamonds chosen here are in category KL-VS. For any personalization and alterations please contact us and we will help you make your dreams come true. The mentioned price below is a starting price and will be adapted to your wishes.

Please note that all 18 karat pieces has a delivery window of approx. 6 weeks.

Style no. R20-014A
Quality: 18 karat solid gold
Dimensions: Width: 11/10 mm; Thickness: 6/3 mm;

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