When gazing up at the starry night sky, one might be able to spot a pair of identical looking figures in the northern celestial hemisphere, also referred to as the Gemini constellation. In Latin ‘Gemini’ means twins, which is why the constellation is spotted by it’s two bright stars - Castor and Pollox, named after the queen of Sparta’s twin sons.

The Gemini earrings, much similar to our best-selling piece “moon ring” have a hammered surface. The earrings are inspired by the Gemini zodiac sign with two bright zircons in the middle of a constellation of tiny ones.

Style no. E22-306G
Quality: 24 karat gold plated 925 Sterling silver
Dimensions: Height: 2,38 mm; Width: 0,92 mm; Thickness: 0,52 mm;

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